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Sports nutrition vs steroids

Sports nutrition vs steroids

Let’s see what the huge difference is between sports nutrition and steroids.

All anabolic steroids work on approximately the same basic principle: they act like the hormone testosterone, affecting all systems of the body. The anabolic and androgenic effects of steroids appear only after they enter the bloodstream. Therefore, injections are considered more effective than ingestion. After all, when anabolics enter the digestive tract, they pass through the liver, which receives too much stress, and a large amount of the active substance itself is also lost. And with the help of an injection, they immediately enter the bloodstream. With blood, they are carried throughout enanthate vs cypionate the body and come into action with many systems. They affect muscles, the brain, hair follicles, adipose tissue, the endocrine system, and even the brain.

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The selective effect of anabolic steroids is due testosterone propionate vs enanthate to the fact that not all tissues contain certain receptors that are sensitive to testosterone and its derivatives. It is thanks to these receptors that steroids penetrate the cell membrane to the cell nucleus, where they stimulate the enhanced synthesis of new protein compounds. These compounds are then used inside the cell or into the bloodstream, improving immunity, the body’s transport system, and much more.

In addition, anabolic steroids significantly affect energy production. They stimulate the synthesis and accumulation of ATP and creatine phosphate, which are the body’s main energy suppliers. Moreover, the permeability of the cell membrane increases, and therefore more nutrients, oxygen and water begin to penetrate into the cell, which also affects the synthesis of new protein cells and ATP.

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The mechanism of action of sports nutrition products

Sports nutrition products work in a completely different way than steroids. Anabolics primarily affect the hormonal background, which is why their positive effect is manifested, because of this, they also carry a considerable health hazard. Sports nutrition acts like any food: it enters the body through the esophagus and from there into the blood, replenishing the body’s nutrient reserves. This is not to say that drugs that increase testosterone levels do not belong to sports nutrition, however, they act in a completely different way. Whereas steroids themselves are anabolic hormones or their derivatives. Certain sports supplements affect the production of your own testosterone, and increase its amount to a completely safe level.

Side effects of anabolic steroids vs side effects of sports cypionate vs enanthate supplements

Due to the strong effect of anabolic steroids on hormonal levels, their prolonged and improper use can cause a lot of side effects, some of them are irreversible. These include changes in emotional state, the onset of severe aggression, and frequent mood swings. Since steroids disrupt the hormonal background of a person, and their long-term use negatively affects the dopamine and serotonin release systems.

In addition, side effects of steroids include testicular atrophy associated with the cessation of the production of its own testosterone. in the body it is already enough. Gynecomastia, or the development of a woman’s breasts, may also appear, which is manifested by the fact that excess testosterone in the body is converted into estrogen.

Women also suffer: a man ethanate vs cypionate‘s figure develops, the menstrual cycle becomes disordered, facial hair may begin to grow, and many other problems associated with hormonal disruption may appear.

Also, the toxicity of many steroids leads to diseases of the liver, heart system and other vital systems.

In fact, the harm from steroids is greatly exaggerated thanks to the press, which at one time strenuously made monsters out of anabolic steroids that could kill after one injection or pill. In fact, they are not so harmful, especially if they are used carefully. There is also a way to minimize the side effects of steroids: they should be used only in cycles, not exceeding the norm, and after the course, it is imperative to drink PCT – funds that help the body recover from a course of anabolic steroids. In addition, before using, think about it, you should take risks and knock down your hormones unnecessarily.

The description of the side effects of sports nutrition takes up much less space, and this is due to the fact that sports nutrition products are recognized as absolutely safe cypionate vs ethanate. There are only a few situations where they can negatively affect the body:

Individual intolerance to a specific ingredient in a sports supplement;

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Exceeding the recommended amount of the product or other deviations from the recommendations specified by the manufacturer;

Product of an unknown and unverified manufacturer;

The combination of incompatible agents, the components of which can react, adversely affecting the body.

There is only one conclusion from the above: anabolic steroids and sports nutrition are completely different things. steroids online reviews Sports nutritional supplements are legal and safe substances. Taking them does not cause huge changes in the body and cannot replace exercise and proper nutrition. And anabolic steroids testosterone cypionate vs enanthate are substances that are anabolic steroids sale illegal to take over the counter in many countries. They are used to increase muscle volume, strength and reduce post-workout recovery time. Carelessness and negligence when taking them can lead to disastrous and irreversible results.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”